New Book Release

Congressional Malpractice: Is Access to Affordable Healthcare A Right or A Privilege?

By Leonard Zwelling, M.D., M.B.A.
Contributing Author, Marianne L. Ehrlich
Forward by Retired U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

Published by John M. Hardy Publishing, Houston Texas
ISBN: 978-1-946182-01-2
Release date: 1 March 2018

Health Care Reform Policy Blog

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The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project By Leonard Zwelling Most magazine articles don’t change my point of view. Some do. Sometimes you can read a well-crafted piece that gets you to examine an issue in a whole new way. Never have I read a magazine or newspaper article that has caused me to doubt my entire view of ...

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Two Congresswomen; One Democracy: Israel’s Poor Decision

Two Congresswomen; One Democracy: Israel’s Poor Decision By Leonard Zwelling As this blog has written before, the criticism aimed at the four freshman Congresswomen known as the Squad is well founded. They have expressed anti-Semitic ideology and anti-Israeli positions. Two of these women are Muslims, the first Muslim women ever elected to the U.S. ...

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Is There A Winning Choice?

Is There A Winning Choice? By Leonard Zwelling So, who would you run against Donald Trump? A good and fair question. The choices seem both vast and varied, male and female, black and white, gay and straight, east and west, north and south. That’s not the question. If life is like a box of chocolates—and ...

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A Critical Moment For America

A Critical Moment For America By Leonard Zwelling Sometimes, in fact most times, a particular inflection point in history can only be perceived in retrospect. When was the critical time that the arc of history changed? When was it clear that the South would secede from the United States? When did Hitler make a mistake, ...

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Enough Guns

Enough Guns By Leonard Zwelling I feel like we’ve been here before. Two mass shootings over one weekend have once again raised the issue of when will enough be enough to get Congress to do something about gun violence in the United States. Clearly, we haven’t yet reached the tipping point as the President of ...

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Trust And Relationships As The Way To Improve Health Care

Trust And Relationships As The Way To Improve Health Care By Leonard Zwelling Early in my fellowship on Capitol Hill, I was taught the four P’s of life in DC—policy, process, politics and personality—in ascending order of importance. Every congressional office knew what it believed proper policy was. The policies of my Democratic heritage were ...

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Why Choose?

Why Choose? By Leonard Zwelling We are older. The end is closer than the beginning. Life provides fewer choices, but when it does, we have to make them, right? Who says so? One of the things that the BW (aka Coach K) and I like to do when we make our semi-annual trips to Manhattan ...

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Having The Tickets Vs. Learning On The Job

Having The Tickets Vs. Learning On The Job By Leonard Zwelling President Trump was to nominate Congressman John Ratcliffe of Texas to replace former Senator Dan Coates as Director of National Intelligence. (Then again, as of this writing, he is going to withdraw the name and pick someone else). This is the job of ...

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Enough By Leonard Zwelling That word has several meanings. It can mean you have reached your limit. “You’ve had enough.” “You’re mad as hell and won’t take it any more.” I hear you. Many Americans in 2016 had had enough of politics as usual. They didn’t think that either mainstream party was advocating for them. ...

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Because They Can

Because They Can By Leonard Zwelling When bad things are happening, reasonable people seek to understand why. Today there is much to question. Why is Donald Trump, a clear racist and misogynist, still in the White House? Why will members of his own Republican Party, the party that opposed slavery, sit silently by and tolerate ...

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