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Erasing Doubt

Erasing Doubt By Leonard Zwelling This is hard to do with any critical decision. There is always buyer’s remorse and cognitive dissonance when a big decision is finally made. At least there often seems to be. That Dr. Ford is 100% sure that Brett Kavanaugh attacked her 36 years ago and he is 100% sure ...

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The Fix Was Always In: Isn’t It Always That Way?

The Fix Was Always In: Isn’t It Always That Way? By Leonard Zwelling No matter how the deliberations and voting go over the fitness of Brett Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court, the outcome was probably never in doubt. From the early reports coming out of Washington on Thursday, it appears as though the ...

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Conflicts And Cancer Centers

Conflicts And Cancer Centers By Leonard Zwelling The spotlight has been on Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the fall of its chief medical officer Jose Baselga, but my bet is that this could have been any major cancer center and another executive or professor on the faculty. There simply is insufficient discipline over the ...

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