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Stealth: How Evil Creeps In As Everyone Watches

Stealth: How Evil Creeps In As Everyone Watches By Leonard Zwelling          Two stories this morning exhibit an important constant of current life. 1.Evil and danger can creep into one’s life gradually and undetected. 2. Even when it is detected, evil will be ignored by most people if it does not affect them.  A 61-year ...

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EXTRA: If Not Checkmating the President, At Least Checking Him

If Not Checkmating the President, At Least Checking Him By Leonard Zwelling          On April 14, the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations voted 19-0 in a strikingly bipartisan fashion to insinuate itself on the deal that President Obama is trying to forge with the Iranian mullahs. Forgetting for a moment, whether the framework devised ...

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A Helluva Hill

A Helluva Hill By Leonard Zwelling          In the least startling revelation since Barack Obama announced his run for a second term, Hillary Clinton has finally announced what everyone expected. She’s running for President.          Putatively, this will be a kinder, gentler Hillary with less fire in her eyes, more one-on-one handshakes, and an approachfulness ...

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Can We Talk?

Can We Talk? By Leonard Zwelling          For a bunch of people who pride themselves in honesty and the use of data to make valid arguments, the faculty of MD Anderson, the staff of the Houston Chronicle, the UT System and most of Houston are acting like the solution to the MD Anderson problem is too ...

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“Strike Three-Yer’ Out”

“Strike Three-Yer’ Out” By Leonard Zwelling          This letter was printed in the Houston Chronicle this morning, Saturday, April 11: Mislabled group? Regarding “Hospital closer to union’s censure” (Page B1, Thursday), the American Association of University Professors is no more a “union” than are the American Medical Association, the American Bar Association and the American ...

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Will Evil Be Vanquished?

Will Evil Be Vanquished? By Leonard Zwelling          Now that Mrs. DePinho has been summarily run out of town on a rail, how do we clean it all up? All we have done to date is take a paper towel to the dirty table. We need to clean the table cloth, antiseptically scrub down the ...

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Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind By Leonard Zwelling          What is academic medicine supposed to be anyway?          For those of my generation of academic physicians, the essence of academia was the belief that science could be applied to the study of human disease in such a fashion so as to alter the natural history of that ...

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Sanctions By Leonard Zwelling          Let’s say that two powerful nations with significant military forces are at odds. The agonist country and antagonist country have done bad things to each other over the years. They share no common religion, language or value system, or at least those in power in the two nations do not. ...

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Duke Basketball #1 for the Fifth Time

THIS IS EXCELLENCE!!!  THIS IS QUALITY!!! Communication Trust Collective Responsibility Caring Pride The Coach K fist wins #5 GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Bad Deal Is Worse Than No Deal

A Bad Deal Is Worse Than No Deal By Leonard Zwelling As I understand the Iran deal reached by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, the Iranians maintain their ability to use over 5000 centrifuges, do research and development on nuclear weapons, keep all of their current facilities open and submit to inspections, if ...

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