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A Grace Note From JM

A Gracious Letter from John Mendelsohn By Leonard Zwelling             In my box today was a letter (yes, a real letter) from John Mendelsohn. In it he sought to set the record straight about some of the things that I have written in this blog that were wrong or misleading. He noted that upon his ...

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Abortion Rights, Voting Rights, Privacy Rights and Health Care Rights: What About YOUR Rights? By Leonard Zwelling             In Texas, as you all know, we have just been through a filibuster in the Senate that led to a second extra session and final passage of a bill that will restrict Texas women’s rights to receive ...

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“The Letter”: Six Months Later-Thought Leaders or Thought Followers? By Leonard Zwelling             In the February 1, 2013 issue of the Cancer Letter, Paul Goldberg and his staff published in its entirety, a letter signed by many leaders of the MD Anderson faculty in response to a less than flattering article that had appeared two ...

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Not Again!—The Monthly Financial Report; Are We in the Wrong Business? By Leonard Zwelling             It’s mid-July so the June numbers are out and like the unemployment figures in the first year of the Obama Presidency, the news is not good. Once again we made less than was budgeted for and spent more. And you ...

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My Mistake, Their Mistake By Leonard Zwelling             After another in what has become an interminable series of dull Faculty Senate meetings, I conversed with an old and trusted member of the clinical faculty. I listened carefully to the complaints I was hearing. What ran through my mind were two questions: what’s really being said ...

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Commitment: Why I Love “The Newsroom” and Hate “Hook-Ups” and Why A Still, Small Voice Ought to Be Heeded By Leonard Zwelling             I believe in something greater than myself. It is something I do not understand. I can’t touch it, taste it or see it, but I can feel it. It is always with ...

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