New Book Release

Congressional Malpractice: Is Access to Affordable Healthcare A Right or A Privilege?

By Leonard Zwelling, M.D., M.B.A.
Contributing Author, Marianne L. Ehrlich
Forward by Retired U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

Published by John M. Hardy Publishing, Houston Texas
ISBN: 978-1-946182-01-2
Release date: 1 March 2018

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What I Have Learned Talking To Lawyers

What I Have Learned Talking To Lawyers By Leonard Zwelling First is that they don’t think like the rest of us. They were trained not to. They think like lawyers and that’s not what normal people think like. Of course, I think like a doctor, a scientist and an administrator, so who am I to ...

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Disquiet And Quiet

Disquiet And Quiet By Leonard Zwelling Once again I turn to Peggy Noonan to dissect the mood of America. It is one of disquiet. As she points out, a first term list of accomplishment like a tax cut bill and a new member of the Supreme Court aligned with the sentiments of those who ...

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The Price Of Drugs

The Price Of Drugs By Leonard Zwelling This article was published in the Science section of The New York Times on March 6. It describes several patients with serious, debilitating diseases requiring specialized drug treatments to survive and how those patients struggle to find the money to defray the costs of the drugs. This ...

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The Fifth Career:

The Fifth Career: By Leonard Zwelling I’m on my fifth career. I was a real doctor once, a medical oncologist actually. Then I was a molecular pharmacologist doing basic research on the mechanism of action of antineoplastic drugs. Then I was research administrator. I got to be a vice president and had a big ...

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KevinMD: Who knew I went to medical school to save my own life?

When I was an intern the Durham VA Hospital, there was a sign taped to the ceiling of one of the workrooms. It said in big, bold letters: SUBDURAL HEMATOMA/PULMONARY EMBOLUS. This was to remind all house officers, at work in the middle of the night, about likely diagnoses for mysterious or confusing diagnostic puzzles. ...

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Rodeo By Leonard Zwelling All you need to know about Texas can be learned from going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Or, it least it seems that way. First, it’s big. I have been told that it is the biggest rodeo in the world and certainly the biggest in North America. Second, there’s ...

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Chaos: The White House In Shambles

Chaos: The White House In Shambles By Leonard Zwelling The list is long and growing. It is the list of the people who have worked for Donald Trump and no longer do. That list is too numerous to enumerate any longer. Hope Hicks is just the latest. She will undoubtedly not be the last. Jeff ...

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New Blog Post On KevinMD

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Trump’s Ideas About Guns May Be More Dangerous Than The Guns

Trump’s Ideas About Guns May Be More Dangerous Than The Guns By Leonard Zwelling Now Donald Trump is believing that he would be an excellent SWAT officer and he would have charged into the high school and saved kids from the shooter with the AR-15. This, even if Trump was unarmed. Does he ever ...

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Assuming That: A Very Bad Plan

Assuming That: A Very Bad Plan By Leonard Zwelling It is said that to “assume” anything makes an “ass” of “u” and “me.” I agree with this. I am reminded of this every time I go to a movie and something is wrong with the projection and the majority of the audience just sits there ...

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